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My mission is to assist you into realizing your full potential, discovering your health and fitness goals by following a clearly defined plan of action along with creating a mind, attitude and body transformation.

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Exotic beauty and human dynamo Tatiana LaBello aka Tatiana Anderson is a woman that’s pretty much done it all. Co-Host of ESPN’s top rated fitness show Kiana’s Flex Appeal, Tatiana has been the  host  of  various  fitness & lifestyle shows as well as many fitness products and informercials.  She has been interviewed on EXTRA and Inside Edition  along with acting on the big screen. Born in Las Palmas, Gran Canary Islands, Spain, Tatiana moved to the States with her mother and two sisters as a young child.  She was an active, multi-talented individual that got involved with modeling, beauty pageants, dance, pep squad, cheerleading and b...

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